Coltswood Work Party

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As the Districts main campsite, Coltswood in Coatbridge, is due to go through a refurbishment to ensure that this is an exciting place for all our members to take part in adventurous activities and all things Scouting.

Coltswood camp site is currently used by the Scouts, Boys and Girls Brigade, and Schools alike as a space where outdoor skills can be developed.

To ensure this a safe and exciting place for everyone we are holding a Coltswood Work Party so that it will be a place to be used for years to come.

Some of the work that will be carried out will be to:

  • Put up a new fence to make sure the boundaries of the site are well established and it is a safe area to camp.
  • Have a general tidy up of the camp site so that it continues to be a fantastic space for everyone to enjoy.