4th Wishaw lead the way with 3 Chief Scout Gold awards

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Every year our scouts achieve amazing thing and this year is no different for our local scout groups.

At 4th Wishaw Scout Group, Gordon H, Liam McG, and Ewan F have all achieved the highest award in the Scout section.

This is down to hard work and their endearing attitudes towards challenge, team work, and community spirit enabling these Scouts to achieve the highest goal in the Scout section – Chief Scout’s Gold award.

Next in their scouting careers they will be going to the Explorer Scout section where they will reach new heights, and be given the opportunities to achieve their Chief Scout Diamond, and Chief Scout Platinum awards along with their Duke of Edinburgh awards. This will shape them in many ways continuing our ethos, values and community spirit enabling everyday adventure to be achieved through Scouting.

We wish Gordon, Liam and Ewan the best of luck with their scouting careers.