A trip to the field of dreams

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Blair Atholl Jamborette brings fun and excitement to the summer of over 1500 scouts and explorer scouts every two years. From Calder Scouts, there are 7 Explorer Scouts participating in the 12 days that the event runs at Blair Castle, in the scenic Perthshire countryside.

This years Jamborette is midway through with the Jamborette ending on Saturday bringing the close to many an adventure with scouts and explorers a like anticipating the next Blair Atholl experience in two years.

Explorer Scouts from Calder district have been placed throughout the 4 subcamps – Stewart, Murray, McLean, and Robertson each paired with a patrol from one of 19 different countries which include Iceland, Spain, Norway, and Russia. 

Nathan, 17, has experienced many new things at this camp and has described the Jungle disco as “great, with good music too!”

The weather has been one of the highlights of this camp with torrential rain and a lightning storm too which was even covered by the local newspaper.

“Absolutely terrifying” are the words of Zoe, who went on to explain that so far the weather has been a 5/10.

With the thunder and rain, and even patches of sunshine, the staff at Blair Atholl were vibrant and happy with craft leader Diane Rafferty explaining that craft activities is a great part of the 12 day programme. Enthusiastic, Diane offers advice for anyone thinking about taking part in the future: “Come and experience all that Blair Atholl has to offer as there is something for everyone here”.

Looking to the future, this event is the highlight of the Scottish Scouting calendar every two years and will be a great experience for anyone wishing to participate in the Jamborette in the field of dreams.